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    Since establishing the Mr X Stitch site in 2008, Jamie Chalmers has changed the world of embroidery! Alongside showcasing new talent on his blog and social media, he is himself an internationally exhibited artist. But one of the things we like most about Jamie is how he believes in the benefits of stitching, both from a relaxation and a sustainability perspective, and how he encourages new people to take to needle and thread.

    We managed to sit him down in a rare 5 minutes spare - in between running a website, being a magazine editor, stitching and being a dad - for an interview!

  2. Since releasing their thread into the quilting world in the year 2000, Aurifil has gone from strength to strength. Quilters across the globe now use their threads in everything from baby and family quilts to textile art and wall hangings.

    aurifil talk


    Alex Veronelli is the Chief Business Development Officer, and the second generation of his family to direct Aurifil. He visited us in the shop back in August 2017 to give a talk on Aurifil (which we still haven't stopped talking about!) We managed to catch up with him recently in the very rare spare 5 minutes he has for a quilty interview.